Good Monday morning everyone, and Happy New Year!

I have some new readers from, a gardening forum I recently discovered, so welcome, and thanks for being here!

I know most people don’t like Mondays, but I do. One reason is that I get to showcase my own houseplants on Mondays.

I have a small business, Good to Grow, taking care of plants at offices and homes around Albuquerque. A lot of times when I get home, I’m tired of plants and don’t do as well as I should with my own houseplants.

But this blog has rejuvenated my relationships with my special babies. And they are responding with enthusiasm.

Take Candy, for example, my Lime tree. She’s blooming in January!

I love, love, love the smell of Citrus blossoms. It’s a wonderfully divine smell. I’m not sure why I don’t have 20 Citrus trees in the house. (Except that they don’t like the desert much.)

This will probably make me sound really dorky, but I like to think my houseplants cheer when I get home. They’re not vocal like cats and dogs, but I know they are attached to me – I’m their caretaker. Without me, they would die! Houseplants aren’t like outdoor plants and trees, they are 100% dependent on humans to live. Obviously, they can’t water themselves.

So it follows that I like to think of the plants in my foyer as my welcoming committee.

If they could, I’m sure they would scream, “Liza’s home, Liza’s home!’ when I walk in the front door. Maybe they do in their own plant language, but as much as I strain to hear it, I just can’t.

I know, dork city!

As I said, this blog has rejuvenated my love for the plants in my home, so over the weekend I spent lots of time with them.

I had some new Jade babies that I started from Rosa the Jade, and needed to rearrange the foyer to find new homes for them. They were supposed to be holiday gifts, but I want them to be a little more established before I hand them off to someone else.

So I created a space.

Then I used a classic banquet hall move to create the look I wanted.

I used old plastic containers to add different heights.

Then covered them with a scarf I got at the thrift store. Anyone who’s ever worked on a food display or buffet knows this trick. Hollah, servers!


I like to sit in here with my laptop and write these posts. I enjoy being surrounded by Samantha the Ficus tree, Danny the Dieffenbachia, Peach the Norfolk Island Pine, Rosa the Jade, Easter the Christmas Cactus, Candy my Lime, Miss Priss the Bougainvillea, and Ellie the Euphorbia. I hope you have a special place in your house where you can just appreciate all the great personalities by which you are surrounded.

If houseplants could speak English, I bet they would say things like, “I wish I had legs so I could do jumping jacks,” or “I would sing at the top of my leaves if I had a voice.”

We’ve already established I’m a dork in that order, so why not take it over the top? I’m just saying.

But I Digress: A Short Rant Against Clutter and Dust

I really, really dislike clutter. And dust. I think of the two whenever I see fake plants.

Silk plants are a total waste of money, folks. First, they’re ugly. Second, they’re expensive. Third, they collect dust. Fourth, they’re clutter.

Why anyone would buy fake plants is beyond me. Real plants get dusty, too, but at least they’re cleaning the air for you.

The world would be a better place if everyone cleared the clutter from their life, and tossed all of their fake plants in the garbage and replaced them with loving living houseplants.

But that’s me, and we all know now for sure that my opinion is laced with dorkiness. I suspect it’s really not just me – there are lots of people out there who assign human qualities to their plants (I’m talking to you, mr_subjunctive!), as much as they do their pets. That’s a good thing, the more humans connect with houseplants or garden plants, the more we will remember that we are all connected to the earth, this magical planet.

I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope you will be, too. Until then, happy indoor gardening everyone!