Happy Tuesday to all my garlic cloves out there!

Last night I weeded and weeded and weeded some more. It was pretty chilly, so my hands were frozen by the time nightfall rolled around. As I stood at the kitchen sink letting the water warm my hands, I thought about how much time I spend there.

I wrote a post a few months ago that I called “Ode to Kitchen Sinks and Windowsill Plants.” I argued that while the kitchen sink is not glamorous, the kitchen would come to a standstill without it.

But it’s not just the kitchen windowsill I love so much. It’s windowsills in general.

This is the windowsill in my “Plant Hospital.” Cuttings are one of my favorite aspects of indoor gardening – growing my own new plants offers tremendous satisfaction.

I always seem to have lots growing. Yet I’m considering taking on more, as in herbs and vegetables. Why I don’t already have an herb garden growing is beyond me.

I went looking for ideas to further decorate my windowsills, and found this on Apartment Therapy’s site. I love it.

This is another one from Apartment Therapy. That site always inspires me to look for creative containers for my plants. I’m going to enjoy looking for something in which to plant my herbs.

So tell me, what’s growing on your windowsills?