Hello honeydews, and happy Thursday. Welcome back to the Good to Grow plant blog, and thanks for being here.

Yesterday, I ranted about Home Depot and all the crappy plants I found there. I visited the one by Cottonwood Mall on Tuesday, and every single houseplant was in the throes of death. It made me furious – what a blatant example of corporate waste. Assholes!

I tend to the naive side. After reading some of the comments left, I get that there’s no way I’m going to save the company millions of dollars. Duh. It’s not because I’m a nobody and they won’t ever hear my idea (eliminate their houseplant department), although those are true. It’s because they’re making piles of money regardless. They have no financial reason to care about a bunch of dead plants.

From my point of view, it’s plant genocide. Houseplants are living, breathing creatures, 100% dependent on a human’s care. They’re not like trees and shrubs outside, they can’t fend for themselves. Once we as humans put a living breathing creature into a situation where they are dependent on us, it’s our responsibility to care for that creature – whether it’s an infant, a puppy or a seedling. Put a plant in a pot and bring it indoors – you better water it. Or it will die.

Really, I don’t have much of a beef with Home Depot’s outdoor plant selection. That’s because you go, buy your petunias or sages, then you bring them home and plant them outdoors, where for the most part, nature takes over. Yeah, they need you to remember to water them, but at some point, you can sorta forget about them and they’ll still grow. Indoor houseplants – plants in containers indoors – are not like that. They’re completely dependent on someone giving them water and attention.

I don’t get why no one understands that. Are we really so disconnected from nature, collectively as humans, that we can’t see the forest for the trees? Am I the only one who believes killing is wrong, period?

If Home Depot thought of plants the way I do, as friends, they’d see that they have tremendous amounts of blood, er, leaves, on their hands. But the reality is, no one in that company gives a shit. So on it goes.

Oh, crap. Yesterday I promised to write something more cheerful. Even a casual glance at the word genocide is the opposite of cheerful. Not really happy Thursday, is it? My bad.

I guess I’ll do what I always do when things aren’t going the way I hope. I’ll get back to work.

For you, a cheerful photo: