Hello baked potatoes, and happy Monday. Welcome back! Hope you all had a plantastic weekend, I know I did.

I’ve been wondering – where do you spend most of your time when you’re home? On the couch? In the garden? In front of the stove? In the office?

I spend more time at my kitchen sink than any other place in the house. I’ve written about windowsills before, here and kitchen sinks and windowsills, here. I correctly pointed out back then that the kitchen sink isn’t glamorous like a stove or flashy like a refrigerator, but that without it, the kitchen would grind to a halt.

Here’s the photo I posted of my windowsill plants (with a different camera¹):

The last time I posted, I said that for as much time as I spend at the sink, those poor windowsill plants suffer mightily. You see, when I’m at the sink, I’m doing something – washing vegetables, washing my hands after cutting fruit, filling up plant buckets, dumping the last bit of coffee out of a cup. You know, something other than paying attention to the windowsill plants.

I implemented a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule that somehow morphed into Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday or Sunday. Sigh. To be honest, none of them were happy except for Sam the Aloe, who was repotted a month or two earlier.

I wasn’t happy either. I didn’t bond with them as much as I should’ve, even though they were right in front of me for months. Plus, the whole area was getting too cluttered for my liking. I do not like clutter.

I decided something had to give.

I know, it’s not the greatest view. That’s why I like to have good visual stimulation in the windowsill itself. Don’t worry – I didn’t throw any plants away. When a friend was over the other day, I snuck the Orchid into her car. The Moonflower – if it in fact was a Moonflower, I’m not sure – is planted in the back yard underneath a tree. The Cactus is in a different windowsill, and Sam the Aloe will be right back.

I had an idea for how I wanted the south-facing windowsill to look.

My landlady had all sorts of cute tea containers that she gave me. I liked how colorful they were.

I’d started growing herbs a few weeks earlier from one of those kits for kids – it had Basil, Chives and Parsley. I figured the herbs might grow well in the tea containers.

I set up shop in the plant hospital (aka, spare bedroom) as the winds were howling 600 to 700 miles per hour outside. Newspapers² made the clean-up process easier. Note the high-quality potting soil, FoxFarm. I do not want gnats in my house.

I packed as much dirt into each container as I could. I’m going to have to transplant the herbs at a later date, because they’ll get too big for these small containers. Particularly because the Parsley will need more room for its roots.

But also because I accidentally planted too many of the seeds. The packets said to plant 4-6 seeds in each pot, which still is an enormous amount of herbs, but the seeds were so small, that, well, I guess I planted a few more than that:

That’s a LOT of Basil³, haha! Oops!

I split them into smaller groups, but they will still get too big. For now, though, these containers are perfect. I also used a leftover coffee can for some of the seedlings.

I knew the tin cans would leak a little water, so I found some trays at Target to collect the water.

Once I got the herbs planted, I could put the windowsill back together.

Ah, this feels great. And you know how much I loved my previous windowsill, right? I like this one so much better that I’m like “what other windowsill?”

I have a feeling these little fellows will command my attention – they’re so cheerful! It helps that I get to eat them one day.

They’re cute, aren’t they? The trays make it easier for me to rotate the baby herbs every day, which they beg for by enthusiastically reaching for the sun. Such goofs!

Ok, these are not my best before and after pictures ever, but you get the gist of the transformation. The container that Sam is perched on is an upside down infant formula container that my landlady also gave me. I have several – anyone want one? Or have suggestions for what I can do with the others? There are only so many plant “thrones” I can handle in my house.

I’ll bet if you look around your house, you could find cuuute containers for herbs. If you do, I hope you photograph them, and then submit photos in the contest that Fern is having over at Life On the Balcony. Be forewarned, however, your creations will be up against mine – I’m going to go submit my herb containers now. Good luck against my adorable cuties – hahahahaha! You will lose. Hahaha, hopefully anyway. I mean, you’re not a loser or anything, but I’m very fond of my entry. Note to self: Be a more gracious winner.

I’ll back tomorrow with another edition of Good To Grow. Until then, happy indoor and outdoor gardening!


¹ I apologize – most of the photos in this post weren’t really up to snuff. I don’t know why I can’t take a decent photo in my kitchen.

² If anyone has questions, any questions at all, about the “Guilty” headline and the unfortunate woman in the photo, please don’t hesitate to ask. It seemed wrong to gossip in the main post, but somehow in the comments section seems fine. This newspaper has very nearly inspired me to begin another blog writing only about things I read in there, so any questions at all. Oh, especially, if you want to ask about the candidates for sheriff, that’d be good.

³ I’ll have to invite Steve the homeless guy over for Caprese salads. Hahaha, NOT! *^$#@ Steve.