Hi yellow tomatoes, and happy Tuesday!

It was a dark darkish and stormy night afternoon, and there was a princess, regular gal, fabulous gal, who had a love of fashion and vegetables and so she grew her garden and she looked great doing it, oh, lookie, there she is now!

No, I’m not writing a terrible novel.¹ I’m introducing you to Miss Lori Hedrick. Lori invited me over to see her garden and her cool outfits:

I can see why she wanted to show it off – for one, it’s her FIRST GARDEN EVER! Also, look how smart she was – with that huge barren back yard, it would’ve been understandable if she’d taken on too much at once, maybe tried to plant a big chunk of it. But instead, she made a small raised bed and took really good care of it.

The tomatoes aren’t ripe yet, but I’d say that was one healthy plant.

And look at those shoes! She wrote about her love affair with them here, on her fashion and beauty blog, Lolo Dahling.

Everything seems to be thriving under her care. The mint was happily blooming away and multiplying.

Jerusalem Artichoke sunflowers seem to appreciate her lovin’ touch.

Lori and her boyfriend recently moved to Albuquerque from Philadelphia. They’re renting this house (as if the neglected yard doesn’t scream “rental”). In Philly, she always lived in apartments, so that’s why this is her first foray into gardening.

I love squash blossoms, don’t you?

More of the sunflowers. Rainstorms danced all around us, but none of them fell on us.

Teeny tiny cucumbers. And ornament-laden hands.

I’m not surprised she was dressed fabulously, even to play in the garden. She’s an artist – she likes pretty things. I get that.

And she likes delicious things, like these beans. Girl has a green thumb.

Here she is goofing around with the tomatoes:


If she wasn’t wearing those clogs, the tomatoes would be taller than she is!

Now I want a pair of fabulous shoes for my garden! Oh wait, I don’t really have a garden. A few herbs don’t count, do they? Hmm, I’ll have to find another way to justify new shoes. It’s Tuesday, right? Ok, good enough for me!

Here are some sweet flowers she planted in some concrete blocks – a very good use of space:

I hope everyone enjoyed getting a little glimpse into someone else’s garden. I love that she and her boyfriend are going to have fresh vegetables from a tiny space that was otherwise wasted space. Good job, Lori! And thanks for having me over. Your vegetable garden is beautiful, and so are you!

I’ll be back manana with another Wednesday edition of The Plant Lady Chronicles. See you then!


¹ Because it’s just so hard to resist!