Hi pretzels, and happy Thursday!

So, I’m working on a post for today that I’m excited to share with you. Buuuuuut, I’m not done with it yet, so you’ll have to wait until this afternoon when I’m home from work.

In lieu of plan A, here’s plan B – a shameless plug for the Downtown Growers’ Market on Saturday:

Come have breakfast with Sandra and me this Saturday. I’m going to be helping her sell her Farmers’ Frito Pies. I’ve talked about her food before – she serves it in an oriental take-out container, it’s a layer of lightly seasoned Pinto beans, followed by a layer of Basmati rice, followed by a layer of red chile Calabacitas (mild red chile, squash, corn, onions, garlic), and then she tops it off with a little Olive oil, some Cilantro, a few sunflower seeds and Fritos (all optional). It’s vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free. And unbelievably delicious.

The market gets busy this time of year, so come early! I’ll be there from 8ish to 11ish. She’ll be there earlier, like 7a.m. The market is on 8th and Central in downtown Albuquerque.

If you live in Iowa, start driving now!

Besides the delicious food, she also makes drinks – Hibiscus tea, Jasmine tea and Limeade.

Ok, I gotta run – check back this afternoon and I’ll have a proper post for you! It’s a beautiful morning in Albuquerque – I hope it is in your neck of the woods, too!