Hi peaches, and happy Wednesday!

I want you to race through the following photos of Miss Mimosa, the Sensitive Plant I picked up at the farmers’ market, as if they were in one of those flip books. Ready? You have to scroll really, really fast. Ok, go!

Haha, did it work? Could you see it move? It’s exactly like a flip book.

On Saturday, there was a lull at Sandra’s booth, so I dashed over to the booth with the gorgeous plants, Rio Valley Greenhouse. When I get a break from work, I don’t normally look for plants – usually I’m busy buying vegetables from the farmers. But this past Saturday, I decided to check out what they had.

Among other plants, they had Mimosas. My heart skipped a beat and I walked around to grill Kathy. “Kathy,” I asked (probably a little too eagerly). “Where did you get those Mimosa plants?” She answered, “I grew ’em from seed.”

From seed? My God, woman! Just like that, she skyrocketed to the top of my list of favorite farmers’ market people. I mean, she was already pretty high on the list because she’s super sweet and her kids are adorable and her husband helps Sandra set up the tent and he’s the one who roasts the chiles, too. But now I learn she grows Mimosa plants from seed? That’s like plant goddess status in my mind! I was (am) so impressed.

Why am I so crazy about these Mimosa plants? It’s long been my dream to get Mimosa plants into classrooms around Albuquerque. As evidenced in the photos above, the leaves literally close when you touch them. Kids would be able to see proof that plants are living, breathing creatures. What a masterful teacher a Sensitive Plant would be!

But I hadn’t seen one in years. Dad had one at the farmhouse when we were kids. I remember being enthralled.

Now, not only do I have one – Kathy gave me one (I tried to pay!) – but now I know someone who can grow them for me. Yay! Oh yeah, I am smitten with this plant! I might even venture into video for something this fun.

What do you think I should name her? I’ve been calling her Miss Mimosa because it rolls off the tongue pretty well. But I’m open to something more specific to a gal like her. If you have experience with Mimosa plants (not the cocktail, although I’m sure that would make for fine stories), I’d love to hear about them.


See you manana!