Hey peaches, happy Monday! Hope you all had a nice holiday break. I know I did.

I was in the mountains during the Black Friday frenetic shopping extravaganza. I like to avoid crowds when I can, but also, I just think shopping malls offer boring gifts. I like buying stuff for myself from malls, but when it comes to gifts for family and friends, mall stuff doesn’t say “I love you,” well enough for my liking.

I often turn to Etsy.com for gifts. My sister got me hooked on the fun of buying straight from the artists with her cute site, Charlotte’s Fancy. Her site is  primarily a family crafts site, but she also loves to feature her favorite artists from Etsy.

I decided to copy her idea, but with gifts for plant lovers specifically in mind. Today, I’ll share the best houseplant gifts I found. Most of these use easy-to-care-for plants, like tillandsia (air plants), so they’re nice gifts for someone you know loves plants, but doesn’t need the extra work.

Then I’ll be back manana with a more general category of “Nature-inspired” gifts, including artwork, jewelry, cute stuff for kids, kitchen items and more. Lots and lots of adorable items from which to choose.

Holiday Gift Guide for Plant Lovers

As I perused the Etsy site, I was mainly looking for beautiful plants and/or containers that would impress people who already had a love for houseplants. I was hoping to find artists who were skilled at incorporating plants into their art. There were several.

One thing to note about prices – I’m listing what the prices were listed over the weekend. I don’t know how often prices fluctuate on any given day, but I have heard that many artists are having sales for Cyber Monday. You may pay less. Woohoo if that happens!

Also, just a quick note about availability. These are handmade items – the artist might sell out before you get a chance to buy them. I’m sorry if that happens. You should contact the artist, because in my experience, these kind folks will work with you to the best of their ability.

Here are some of the interesting gifts I found:

I featured this artist around this time last year, Michael McDowell, aka mudpuppy. He keeps creating the most beautiful planters:

Beautiful! $32.00.

Check out this inspired living lamp from toHold:

Amazing, right? The Los Angeles artist used tillandsia to create a stunning piece of art. You can remove the globe once every couple of weeks to water the plants, or mist them where they are. $349.00

My regular readers know what a fan of succulents I am, so they’ll understand why I think this succulent wreath is so charming:

From SucculentsGalore, it’s listed as $68.95.

What do you think of these adorable “Three Tiny Terrariums” from TortoiseLovesDonkey?

The artist is pretty enthusiastic about making these for your window sill, too, so check out her site. $14.50 for the set.

I also really like these glass ornaments from artist plantology:

Wouldn’t they make sweet centerpieces for a holiday dinner? They’re listed at $28 each.

There were several artists selling living ornaments. I like this one from WarmCountryMeadows because she used coffee beans:

Aaahhhh, I love the smell of coffee. This is listed at $12.99.

I’m a big fan of this culinary herb wreath from Kyhunly:

It’s such a nice gift for the chef in the house – he or she could hang it in the kitchen and use the herbs all winter long. This one is listed at $40, but she has others that range in herbs and prices.

On the shop for TeenyTinyGreenhouses, I found that the artist uses pretty little containers:

The plant is included. If you don’t like her plant choices, I’ll bet she’d be willing to discuss other options. $11.

There were lots of variations on terrariums on Etsy.com. I really liked this artist’s, Jo2SF, creations:

He’s got lots of different terrariums on his site. This set is $80.00.

Also, I found these mini-terrariums interesting:

They are from SteamedGlass, $35.00.

Here’s a whimsical gift idea from AlissaRose:

She hollows out a cork, fills it with soil and a plant, and attaches a magnet to the side you can stick it on the refrigerator when you’re not using it as a wine cork. That’s pretty cute. $3.50 each.

All of the above items can be found on Etsy.com. One more gift I would recommend for plant lovers isn’t from Etsy, but it’s such a nice gift, I wanted to include it as well.

That gift is the gift of trees. You can buy trees for someone else at only $3 per tree, and/or you get 10 free trees for joining the Arbor Day Foundation. I think trees make a thoughtful gift, for plant and garden lovers everywhere.

As I said, I’ll be back tomorrow with Nature-inspired gift ideas from more Etsy artists. Hope to see you back here!