Hi sugar plums, and happy Monday!

I really like getting something for nothing. I don’t mean getting rewarded without doing hard work – I’ve never shied away from an honest day’s work. I’m talking about getting free stuff.

This time of year, I like to take advantage of what other people (Lowe’s and Home Depot) consider waste. Employees prune the bottom branches of their Christmas trees, then toss them into big boxes, and you can help yourself for free.¹

I went to a Lowe’s a few days ago and went searching for branches. There was a family there buying a tree, and the Mom was standing in front of the scrap box. I walked up and asked her, “Hey, these are free, right?” She said, “Yeah, but what do you do with them?” I told her my plan, and thought I’d show you, too.

I use the branches in a couple of different ways. I make wreaths for clients, family. It works great as long as you have a loose interpretation of what constitutes a wreath.

The first step is to use wire to tie the branches together:

Then you simply tie a festive ribbon around the top and hang your wreath.

Martha over at Plowing Through Life said she has done away with the mess and stickiness of having a live Christmas tree in the house. I was thinking of her when I decided to put some of the branches in vases. I wanted to have the smell of pine in the house, without the mess of a whole tree.

So I guess those big box stores are good for something.

I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.


¹ My regular readers already know that I do not recommend buying plants from the big box stores – they are always infested with bugs. If you want quality plants, you have to find a good local nursery.