Happy Tuesday, my little apples.

I have a new planter to show off, and I’m stoked. Check it out:

Cool, huh? Here’s another look:

I love it. It’s a handmade concrete planter with good drainage, and its shallowness lends itself well to succulents.

It was made by my very own awesome cousin Bill, who lives in Philadelphia. Visit his Etsy shop here for more information about his planters and bowls. Thanks, Bill!

I went to a cactus and succulent sale this weekend here in the city. I wanted to find plants for my new planter. It was, um, interesting.

Have you ever met a plant person who prided himself on liking plants more than people? Yeah? Imagine a smallish room packed with people like that, each of them furiously trying to grab as many plants as they could. It was like the horticulturist version of the Running of the Brides at Filene’s Basement.

As soon as I walked in, I almost walked right back out. I do not like crowds, they freak me out. But I decided to brave it long enough to peek at the plants. Would there be unusual or rare plants there? The answer, it turned out, was beats me.

There were lots of pretty plants, but most of those were part of a show and not for sale. The ones that were for sale were well planted and healthy. The ones I saw anyway. Trying to snake around the room to look at the plants was challenging. Everyone was carrying cardboard boxes, which served as shopping baskets but also as shields, blocking pathways and thwarting attempts to get close to the plants. Elbows were being thrown. I can’t believe I didn’t see little old ladies throwing down – it was madness.

I knew my delicate sensibilities would be toast if I stayed too long.

So I grabbed a Sedeveria for its red color and a Glottiphyllum davisii (it’s like an ice plant, but weirder, from Africa) for its purpleness, and a couple other small succulents, and got the hell out of there. Well, I stood in line for a half hour to pay for the plants, THEN I got the hell out of there.

Later in the weekend, I threw some of the succulents into the new planter together:

It’s generally not a good idea to group plants based on color and not the plants’ needs. But I did it anyway. I wanted red, purple and green, so I planted red, purple and green. They have similar needs, so I decided to take a leap of faith about their ability to grow well together. Fingers crossed!

I also broke my own rule about not repotting a plant while it’s blooming. I cannot give you a reason for that. I just did it.

Here’s the planter in its new space:

Ah, yes, that looks nice. Almost makes the plant sale worth it. Thank you again, Bill. I’ll keep you posted on how the plants do together. Keep up the good work!

I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.


A quick housekeeping note: I try to be really professional about posting Monday through Saturday, because the discipline of that is important to me. But so is real life – work, family, friends. There will be days I remember that this is not a professional site – I volunteer my time here – and on those days, I might just take the day off from this hobby of mine. That’s my way of explaining, a little, why I didn’t post yesterday.