Here’s Candy the Lime tree, who sits in my foyer in front of a west-facing window:

Only one lime has made it through to fruition. But that’s one lime better than none.

Here’s Candy’s third cousin once removed, Larry, the Plum tree, who lives in the front yard:

Larry produced a bumper crop of plums this year. Almost all of them have been plucked from the tree and carted off to various family and friends. A few were left on the tree for the birds. But only a few – the plums are too delicious to share them all with the birds.

Candy and Larry live only a few feet apart from each other, but have never met. If they had, they’d realize they both have great senses of humor, they both like watching afternoon thunderstorms (although the danger of the storms is more real for Larry than Candy), they like the color purple best, and they both have a strange fascination with the skateboarders in the neighborhood. I’ve tried to encourage them to be penpals, but it won’t work – have you ever seen a plum tree’s handwriting? It’s chickenscratch, unreadable. Maybe they’ll skype one day…