Voilà, new and improved:

When I first planted my little salad garden, I bought two umbrellas from the thrift store to use as shade. This is the second one as the first was stolen. I knew the chances of theft were sky high (the bed is right by the road, plus I live downtown where there’s a ton of foot traffic) which is why I bought two originally.

I thought it might be fun to bet on how long this umbrella will last before it, too, is stolen. (It sucks that I’ve resigned myself to believing in theft’s inevitability, but at least I’m only out $1.99 each time it happens. I like to claim little victories where I can get them.)

It’s supposed to rain this weekend. Will that increase the probability of theft or will the umbrella remain untouched? Leave your best guess in the comments section and I’ll dole out imaginary prizes (and a real link to your site) to the winner.

I’ll go first. I bet that it lasts a little longer because it’s more camouflaged than the last one…I give it until September 15th. What do you think?

I’ll be back on Monday, hope to see you here.