A few weeks ago, I was driving over to the east side of the city, and I had my camera with me. As I exited the highway, I saw a cute little prairie dog by the side of the road. One of my first thoughts was to photograph it so I could share it with you. I haven’t seen that many prairie dogs in my life, and figured many of you hadn’t either.

Problem was, I was still driving while I took the photo, so I missed his head completely:

Oopsies, haha! Well, if you’ve ever wondered what the back half of a prairie dog looks like, now you know. Like a squirrel without the tail.

Here’s the other photo that proves shooting and driving do not mix:

So why share these crappy photos with you at all? Because they crack me up. And I wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

To make up for the bad photos, here’s a nice one I took of downtown Albuquerque recently:

I’ll be back Monday, hope to see you here.