I’m not fond of the term “forcing bulbs” because there’s nothing forceful about getting bulbs to bloom inside. All you have to do is add water, and they grow.

I’m smitten with the scent of Hyacinth bulbs, so each winter I buy some while they are on sale and grow them in the casa.

I love having fresh flowers inside during winter. I recommend them to everyone. Often!

All you need is a leakproof container and some pebbles or glass stones (like pictured above), and the bulbs.

These bulbs had already started growing while they were at the nursery. Simply put the bulb on top of the stones, green growing tip pointed up, obviously, and add water.

Here they are immediately after being “planted”:

They would appreciate a sunny window (mine are on a south-facing windowsill) but in my experience, they’ll grow with limited sun as well.

Here they are about 10 days later, all greened up:

Easy peasy. Why is it called forcing? They’re practically begging to grow.

If you start some bulbs now, they would make a sweet, thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetie (use red or pink glass stones instead of blue). Just an idea.

I’ll be back manana with an all-new Ask the Experts panel. We’re going to be talking about spooky stuff in honor of Friday the 13th. Also, if you’d like to submit a guess for the plant puzzler, you have until midnight tonight, MST (that’s 2am EST) to do so. The prizes may be imaginary, but the glory of winning is oh-so-real.

Hope you can join us.