I’ve seen some websites that pitch terrariums as no-maintenance items.

They go like this:

“Like Nature? But don’t want to lift a finger to have it in your home? Try a terrarium!”


“Plant it and ignore it.”


Plant it and ignore it? What’s the point then?

Let’s set the record straight.

Terrariums are low maintenance.

They require water and pruning. And a little love.

They are comprised of living, breathing creatures – why would anyone want to ignore them?

Besides, they make it kinda hard to ignore them. I couldn’t even get the lid back on mine.

Terrariums are great for teaching kids about plants and ecosystems. Great for brown thumbs. And great for plant lovers across the board.

Because they’re interesting.

Because they require your attention.

I’ll be back manana with an all-new plant puzzler, as well as the answer to last week’s puzzler. Hope to see you back here.