What do you think, are these air plant globe gardens inspiring?

If not inspiring a love of Nature, these low-maintenance globe gardens at least have the chance to inspire a like of Nature. That’s good enough for me – the more people getting interested in plants, the better. They all have to start somewhere.

And starting with air plants is smart because you don’t have to have any plant skills or knowledge to keep one alive. They’re a good way to reach a wider audience.

I think that’s a win all around for these globe gardens.

If you’re interested in buying one for yourself or for a gift, Kathi sells kits and/or already made ones at Albuquerque’s Downtown Growers’ Market on Saturday mornings through the fall. Or you can visit her at Rio Valley Greenhouses in the South Valley. Call her for questions about shipping air plant globe garden kits out of state at 505-242-4423.

I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.


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