Miss Mimosa, my Mimosa pudica ‘Sensitive Plant,’ has been outside all summer. And thriving.

People in other parts of the world curse Mimosas for being an invasive species.

I can see what they mean.

Miss Mimosa is in no danger of taking over the yard, because she’s still in a container, but she’s an enthusiastic grower nonetheless.

And now all those summer blooms are producing seeds like crazy:

Here’s a closer look at the seed pods, the seeds are tucked inside:


With that many seeds, it’s easy to see why this plant has earned the wrath of people around the globe. But as a houseplant, Mimosas are great. They grow fast, they have adorable blossoms, and their leaves move when you touch them. You won’t find a more interactive houseplant.

Anyone want some seeds? I have plenty to share!

Mimosa plants are especially fun in classrooms, because kids love how the leaves open and close. So if you’re a teacher and want some seeds, just holler.

I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.