Yesterday I began my semiannual cleaning of the houseplants. That’s where I take all the foyer plants outside and hose them down, clean the foyer, then prune the plants and bring them back in.

From the plants’ perspective, it’s a wildly exciting and probably terrifying field trip. The front yard is the only place they ever go. Except that one time when they were driven here.

Every spring and fall, it’s a race to see how fast I can work because the houseplants can’t be in full sunlight – not with our hot New Mexico sun. Last year, I cleaned them in October, so I probably bought myself some extra time in the cooler weather.

This year, I was prompted to undertake the project a little early because they had grown so much over the summer that the foyer started looking cluttered. You guys know how I feel about clutter! I detest it.


I ran out of time yesterday before completing the work, but I got most of it done.

The Crown of Thorn plants (Euphorbia milii) – Ellie, Sweetie, and Elise – desperately needed pruning.

Sweetie, especially, needed pruning because she was getting top heavy. The problem with her is that she’s been blooming continuously for months, so I was loath to prune her.

But that’s what Miss Mimosa (Mimosa pudica) did with her adorable blossoms, remember? I got distracted by their cuteness while she quietly took over half the kitchen.

So even though I knew I wouldn’t like it, I had to prune her.

Here she is pre-haircut:

She is killing me with those blooms!

I pruned away.

Euphorbia stems are filled with sap, hence the newspaper on the table.

Messy pruning, but that’s ok.

The cuttings will need to scar over a few days but then they can go directly into soil without rooting them first.

I’ve found homes for all the cuttings, which is a huge score because I didn’t want any of them myself.

Three Euphorbias in the house is plenty!

Here’s the newly styled Sweetie:

She’s a voracious grower, so I’m sure I’ll be pruning her again in no time.

She gets it from her Mom, Ellie, who looked like this:

And who now looks like this:

See why I’m so happy to have found homes for the cuttings? I have such a hard time throwing them away.

Other cuttings won’t be so lucky as to be adopted out. Like these Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum) babies:

There are too many of them to find homes for them all, and I’m just one person!

Ok, I better get back to work. I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.