Ever since the E Sill band broke up, due to Rosa the Jade’s addiction to mealy bugs, I figured Hank would be forlorn.

But he’s not – he’s happy!

A former East Coaster, Hank has adjusted well to life in the desert Southwest. He avoids direct sunlight, has had a child, and has launched a solo music career. The local newspaper named him best plant guitarist in Albuquerque.

He enjoys porous soil and good drainage, and poetry.

He told channel 7 news that he likes being part of the foyer welcoming committee but sometimes misses his former bandmates.

Someday he wishes to meet a nice lady succulent and settle down. Until then, he’s content to keep working on his music in the foyer.

Low maintenance and chill, Hank’s a role model for the other succulents in the house. He doesn’t drink much water and he started an after-school program for young succulents (he believes no plant should be a latchkey plant).

Day after day, he keeps reaching for the ceiling.

It’s hard not to like a houseplant like that.

I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.