On a walk the other day, I spotted an all too familiar sight here in Albuquerque. I snapped a picture using my phone:

Sad, isn’t it? I believe it used to be Mexican Feather Grass – it was once probably very pretty and zenlike.

Did I mention this was in front of a spirituality center?


I get that people don’t want to pay for landscaping. But to put a living, breathing plant into a container and then ignore it is akin to murder in my book. That grass can’t fend for itself once it’s in a container. Even if it gets a little bit of rain, that’s not enough given its lack of room to spread its roots.

These folks should know better! Aren’t they supposed to be “at one” with the world?

I didn’t intend for my Wednesday posts to be one example after another of what not to do landscaping-wise, but there are so many examples around the city that I can’t seem to help myself. They’re everywhere I look!

My hope is that someone will see one of these failed landscapes and vow to do better. Or at least not as bad.

A gal can hope, right?