Even though temperatures are still reaching the mid-70s during the day here in Albuquerque, it’s been getting chilly at night.

So I made the decision to bring some of my flowering plants inside rather than risk them freezing.

Here’s what they looked like a few weeks ago:

I particularly wanted to save the Bougainvillea, so here she is in her new winter home:

I also couldn’t resist bringing in the container that holds the Osteospermum and the Silene uniflora:

The Osteospermum may go dormant, or they may adjust to life indoors. We’ll see. They’ve been inside a week and have continued blooming profusely, so I’m optimistic.

The Silene uniflora has also begun blooming and shows no signs of slowing down:

I’m charmed by those cute little white blossoms.

The rest of the flower pots are staying outside for now.

I love the new additions to the foyer’s welcoming committee. Nothing like bright splashes of purple and pink to brighten my day!