Stanley, a Kalanchoe luciae, has been kickin’ it on the kitchen windowsill for about six months now.

He joined the family last winter but for some reason I never got around to introducing him. Here he is in December of 2011:

You can see that he’s an enthusiastic grower.

When he’s not busy growing, Stanley likes to play harmonica and write short stories. He’s also a talented sculptor. Last spring, he wrote biographies of all the foyer houseplants.

Sunlight makes him happy, and shorter days encourage him to grow more red. The other windowsill plants tease him about this, accusing him of blushing all the time.

Like other succulents, Stanley’s not a big drinker. Too much water would make him sick.

His goals for the future include moving to a more spacious home, starting a family and reaching the ceiling. He is also interested in becoming a reporter for a television news station. Some day, he would enjoy visiting relatives in Africa.

But for now, he’s proud of how much he’s accomplished in his short life, and he’s content to remain in the kitchen through the rest of the winter.