When doing a round of watering the other day, I noticed that the Aeschynanthus longicaulis cuttings that I got from mr_subjunctive over at Plants Are the Strangest People had a new bloom (her first ever):

Which was very cool.

By the way, I still haven’t officially named the plant, but I’m leaning towards the stripper name Charlie suggested, Chyna, because it makes me giggle. Shania, Lillian and Lena are also good suggestions.

My other Aeschynanthus, Lady Evermore, plant has (more attractive) bright red blooms, this one has (more interesting) greenish blooms with orange tips and a tinge of purple.

Lady Evermore has one bloom left after blooming for months, here look:

The flowers tend to grow in clusters, but that bloom was late and lonely.

Unfortunately, when I noticed the bloom on the Aeschynanthus longicaulis (with the mottled leaves), I also noticed mealy bugs on the plant. Dangit! I got out my rubbing alcohol and Qtips, and started frying each one individually¹.

Through that process, I found another bloom:

And lots of new buds forming:

Mealy bugs aside, I am quite fond of this plant. She’s got beautiful leaves, and is now promising to be a prolific bloomer.

She’s in a good spot to bloom. She hangs in the foyer, and gets both southern and western exposure. A lot of websites say these types of plants need high humidity, but I beg to differ. I do have a humidifier in the foyer, but I haven’t turned it on since last winter and I haven’t seen any sign of either Aeschynanthus suffering due to it.

They’re both enthusiastic growers, each gets watered only once a week.

I would recommend these plants to anyone who likes interesting foliage and indoor blooms. The cuttings root very easily, too, which is a bonus.

I would not recommend them to anyone who thinks that pukey green Orchids are awesome:

Because they are not awesome. Ew! I saw these at the grocery store recently (just in time for St. Patrick’s Day – oh wait), along with the usual ugly blue and purple ones, and couldn’t resist snapping a pic with my phone. I mean really, does anyone think these are beautiful? Because if so, then you and I have much different tastes in flowers. I think that color is horrendous! And the price, too – $30 for the privilege of owning ugly dyed flowers.


I’ll be back manana, hope to see you here.


¹ Before running out of time last week, I alluded to working on a post about mealy bugs, and why I let Rosa the Jade succumb but not other houseplants. I said I was going to publish that today, but that’s not this post. The other post is full of justifications on why she had to go – too many bugs, too much maintenance, giving her away was not an option, other younger plants were more interesting and easier to save. But really, there’s no justifying the fact that I threw her out. I felt really bad about it, but relieved, too.