On Saturdays throughout the month of December, I’ve been featuring various holiday scenes from around Albuquerque.

If I see a holiday decoration that makes me laugh – or a neighborhood full of them – I’ve been snapping photos and posting them here.

I’m hoping they make you laugh, too, because ‘Burque people are quirky.

Like the lady over at channel 4 who decorated the Christmas tree in the lobby with paper cutouts of the news anchors:


I couldn’t stop giggling when I saw this.

The news team is obviously much beloved!


The meteorologists, too!



I asked her what inspired the “ornaments.” She laughed and quipped, “Maybe next year they’ll give me a budget.”

Haha, funny lady!

I posted these photos on facebook last week and nooooooooobody liked them. Whaaaaat? What’s not to like about paper Christmas decoration cutouts of KOB’s news team?

Breaking news, that shit is funny.