Good To Grow, Liza's plants, Dottie's Sclumbergera

Today’s post is largely for our beloved Expert Dottie, so she can see how the Schlumbergera she gave me is doing. In the photo above, it’s the one in the back in the blue container.

Dottie handed the plant off to me before she moved to Arizona. I accepted it with trepidation, as I knew it had been pampered exquisitely under her care.

I think it’s because of all that pampering that the plant has been coasting along ever since.

I don’t give her any special treatment – I care for her the same way I do all the other houseplants. I water her once a week, I fertilize regularly.

The main reason she’s so happy, I believe, is because of the abundant sunshine she gets. She’s in a south-facing window, and also gets western light every afternoon.

And now that the landlady hired someone to remove the cane plants from in front of the window, she and the rest of the plants in the foyer get even more sunshine.

Good To Grow, Liza's plants, Dottie's Sclumbergera

They get fantastic amounts of sunshine. The canes will come back but for now, there’s nothing standing in the way of the plants and their sun.

Which makes them very lucky and very happy houseplants.

Which in turn makes them bloom like crazy.

Good To Grow, Liza's plants, Dottie's Sclumbergera

Which of course, makes me very happy.