Hello all!

Not bad for being a blogger since October 2009, right? I’m still working on what to unveil in terms of the look of the blog (WordPress has hundreds of templates from which to choose) and content for the 1,000th post and beyond.

I like the structure of having categories. Like the Experts on Fridays. It keeps me disciplined and focused but I don’t want to get all rigid about it.

You guys are the ones who read my blog, so you should have some input on the content. Before I ask you about content ideas, lemme clarify one thing. When I started this blog, I thought I would be talking to houseplant novices. But that turned out not to be true – ya’ll have tons of plant knowledge. So this will no longer be a site catering to novices (I don’t really like self-proclaimed black thumbs anyway.) I want to bring interesting content for seasoned pros and plant lovers.

How do the following ideas sound to you?

I’m leaning toward keeping my Mondays for my own houseplants. I like to be able to look back and see how they’ve grown.

Tuesdays would be photos of interesting gardens and/or back yards from around the world. (Mainly courtesy of Pinterest.)

Wednesdays could be a hoot. I’ve gotten hundreds of emails over the years from people with houseplant problems. I’ve saved them all in a file. I was thinking I would present the problem and photos to you, and ask what your response would’ve been. Then I could go back and tell you what my actual response was. Or, I could put the question and my response out there, and see who agrees or disagrees with me. I think it would be more fun to be interactive and see what your advice might have been. Everyone has their own take on plant care – it’d be cool to see the different perspectives.

On Thursdays, I’d love to showcase your personal stories. What made you a plant person, what turned you into a garden lover. So far, however, I’ve only gotten a handful of submissions (via email). So I would also use that day to show you some beautiful desert gardens when I didn’t have stories.

Fridays will remain the Experts panel and the plant puzzler.

On Saturdays, I’d like to do a segment about Albuquerque’s Quirkiness. It’s the strangest city I’ve ever lived in, so I’ll grab my camera, get out there and show it off. I can also accent these posts with interviews with the characters I meet along the way.

Sundays I’m still going to take off work.

So those are some of my ideas. Granted, I’ve done absolutely no work toward making them a reality, so we’ll have to see how it goes. What do you think?

In other news, this happened:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, plant tidbits

Such a bummer. That used to be the Carruanthus peersii that I really enjoyed. It was an interesting looking plant with cheerful flowers.

I wrote about its rapid decline near the end of January. I salvaged what pieces I could, and put them in vermiculite. I watered it once after planting the pieces, and within days it looked like the above photo. I had gotten it a few years ago at a Master Gardener Plant Sale. I’m hoping I can go again this year and find a new one. (If at first you don’t succeed, start over.)

Something else happened a couple of days ago. Check it out:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Osteospermum flowers

Before it got cold, I brought my Osteospermum plant indoors and put it in the spare bedroom. I more or less forgot about it (I mean, I still watered it, but sporadically).

After I posted for the February Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, I went to the back of the house and realized that I missed a bunch of blooms. Cute ones, at that! I can’t believe I hadn’t even noticed the buds forming.


Thems are the happenings here. Whatcha think?