Yesterday, I asked what advice you would have for a reader who sent in this photo of her Euphorbia milii ‘Crown of Thorns’ plant:

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Let’s see how you answered:

Cass McMain wrote, “E. milli (Aka Crown of Thorns) makes a great houseplant. It will not do very well with artificial light, and prefers a sunny spot. Cutting the top off won’t harm anything, and it should branch out from there. (Beware of the sap, which is a skin irritant.)

It blooms naturally in the spring and summer, but I wouldn’t expect much this year. Be careful not to overwater or overfeed, and make sure it has very good drainage.”

Ginny Burton, of Burton Optician in Washington DC, wrote, “That’s a very well-traveled plant! My advice is to follow Cass’s advice. I’ve never grown the plant, but can see that it’s still alive and has a bit of new growth. I can’t imagine that in Saudi Arabia she can’t find a bright window for the plant — unless she’s afraid that the strong sun will harm it.”

Here’s what I actually wrote back to her:

>>>>Hello to you Haifa! Thank you for writing to me, and thanks for including a photo. Your plant should grow well indoors – I have three in my foyer and they are thriving. If you can give your plant a sunny window, that would be best. You were correct to cut off the dried-off part. It looks like it’s regenerating leaves and that is great. To get your plant to flower, you should fertilize it. Do you have any products available to you? Plants really love regular fertilizer – it pushes them to flower. I hope you keep me updated on how your plant is doing!
She wrote back:

>>>>hey liza!! thanks for the reply ! am excited!! lol!! k…nd thanks for the tips u provided… yea me did think of puttung the pot near the window… nd yea its gonna be summer here in saudi nw…  nd can u plz tell me what sort of fertilizers shall i  use for my it potassium??
yeah .. ill sure update with my thorny plant pics!!!

love haifa… ♥>>>>

And then I wrote back to her again:

>>>>There are many types of fertilizer. Potassium can be one ingredient. I don’t know what kinds you have available over there. You can try using plant food, too, like the Miracle Gro products.>>>>

Pretty lame response on my part, but I wasn’t sure what to tell her, having no idea what was available to her in Saudi Arabia. My guess is that they don’t have Miracle Gro products but I was grasping to have something to say.

So, Cass, your advice was spot-on. I like how you would’ve warned her about the sap, which I neglected to do. And you’re right that her plant won’t flower until it’s a little older and has more “strength.” Ginny, you were spot-on, too, to recognize that Cass’s advice was good. Haifa apparently thought to find a sunny window on her own, which was cool. Good job to both of you. Thanks for your comments.

I never did hear back from Haifa, but hopefully that little traveling plant is doing well.

There’s still time to guess last week’s puzzler, in which I asked if this Ficus was real or fake:
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I won’t lie – this is not an easy puzzler. But don’t let that keep you from guessing anyway. You can’t win imaginary prizes unless you try.
The deadline is tonight at midnight MST (that’s 2am EST). Leave your guess in the comments section or on my facebook wall. I’ll reveal the answer and the winner(s) tomorrow.
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