Since 2001, I’ve owned a small plant care business in Albuquerque called Good To Grow. Since 2009, I’ve maintained this indoor and outdoor gardening blog.

Each Wednesday, I’ve been posting emails from readers who had questions about their houseplants. Most of the letters came from people who are not regular readers, but who stumbled across this blog because they had a specific houseplant question. When I could, I wrote them back with advice tailored to their specific question. I saved all these emails in a file.

Since my regular readers are so sophisticated with their houseplant knowledge, and because everyone has their own take on caring for plants, I wanted to turn the emails over to them and see what their advice would’ve been had the email come to them. On Wednesdays, I’ll post the original question, and on Thursdays, I’ll reveal the advice from the regulars, as well as my response, so we can see how we match up. It’s been an interesting experiment so far, I hope you enjoy. If you have advice, please leave it in the comment section or on my facebook wall.

Let’s do an easy one today, with no photo. I just got this question via email a few days ago:

Reader Q:

>>>>Dear plantlady i have a question for u hope u can help, I received  a golden pothos  clippings  as a gift and it was planted in a glass vase with soil with a beautiful bow which made a nice gift, so now i want to make one too, i noticed that the vase didn;t have a hole at the bottom would i need to add some rocks or something at bottom for drainage?>>>>

What advice would you give this person?

Hint: I suspect a florist planted it in a glass vase with no drainage. Because florists hate plants, haha!

Leave your best guess in the comments section, and I’ll publish them tomorrow.

In other interactive news, reader Ginny Burton suggested that I solicit flower photos from readers who don’t have a blog but would like to participate in the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day (where we post photos of what’s blooming in and around our house). I think it’s a great idea. Who’s willing to send me flower photos once a month, say, on the day after the GBBD, on the 16thish of each month? Who’s game? I’d love to hear your opinion. Thanks! And thanks, Ginny, for the suggestion!