Since 2001, I’ve owned a small plant care business in Albuquerque called Good To Grow. Since 2009, I’ve maintained this indoor and outdoor gardening blog.

Each Wednesday, I’ve been posting emails from readers who had questions about their houseplants. Most of the letters came from people who are not regular readers, but who stumbled across this blog because they had a specific houseplant question. When I could, I wrote them back with advice tailored to their specific question. I saved all these emails in a file.

Since my regular readers are so sophisticated with their houseplant knowledge, and because everyone has their own take on caring for plants, I wanted to turn the emails over to them and see what their advice would’ve been had the email come to them. On Wednesdays, I’ll post the original question, and on Thursdays, I’ll reveal the advice from the regulars, as well as my response, so we can see how we match up. It’s been an interesting experiment so far, I hope you enjoy. If you have advice, please leave it in the comment section or on my facebook wall.

Hi everyone! This week’s question that I’m going to share is an excellent one. Especially since there are so many photos on Pinterest and other sites that don’t offer any explanation or instructions on how to plant various plants.

Here’s the email I received:

>>>>Hi Liza,

I came across your blog and instantly felt at home! Thank you so much for sharing your green thumb wisdom and artistry with the rest of the world.

I’m a very new green bud and live in Canada (British Columbia), the province that has an upside of warmer winters yet the downside of rather soggy, rainy weather….. What a difference with the place where you’re writing from  – desert!

Anyway, every week I’ve been going through cravings for different plants as like these were different food flavours….. And recently it became succulents. I see lots of pictures of succulents being plunked literally in everything, from the ceramic mug to the coca cola can. However, I have a burning question – don’t these containers need a hole and a good drainage??? How is it possible to grow such a gorgeous plant in something that looks completely out of place for a container or is it done for commercial purposes?

I would appreciate your advice and tips very much!

LOVE your vertical frames!!

Sincerely, [name withheld for privacy]>>>>

Yes, indeed. You see succulents planted in jars, in vases, in old coffee cans, shoes, soda bottles – on and on. What’s the deal with that? She has a good point – don’t they need drainage holes?

How would you answer her?

Leave your best advice in the comments section, or on my facebook wall. I’ll reveal your answers tomorrow, as well as sharing what I actually wrote her back. Hope to see you back here!