Let’s see what you have blooming!

Ginny Burton from DC sent in the following photos.

Writes Ginny: “A window full of Osmanthus fragrans (wish you could smell these!)”



I wish I could smell those, too!

Writes Ginny: “Every year the forsythia by the driveway grows in such a way that it makes getting out of the car difficult.  So in late winter, I start pruning it and put the branches in a vase in a sunny window.  Within a few days the branches burst into bloom and let us know that Spring is coming.

This picture was taken as the sunset and backlit the flowers.”



Writes Ginny: “We have a glassed-in breezeway that has a narrow planter built along one side.  I put some crocus bulbs left over from a planting at Arlington Cemetery, two Osmanthus, and the inevitable Pelargonium (which I may try moving outside today after I check the evening temperature forecast.”


Nice! Thanks, Ginny!

Kimberly Chavez from right here in Albuquerque shared her photos, too.

Writes Kim: “Hi Liza,

Here are a few pictures of my mini African Violet and my Streptocarpus that are in bloom right now.  I love my Streptocarpus as it blooms nonstop for many months before going dormant for a little while in the late fall/early winter.  It has taken much trial and error to succeed  with some of my mini African violets, but I have found they like it best when I keep their pots submerged in a dish of water with liquid fertilizer in it, and keep them placed in a sunny window.  The others have drying out blooms with new buds on the way currently, but this little purple one is quite happy and in full bloom.
I have a few Haworthias that are budding, but not yet blooming.  Keeping my fingers crossed that the buds don’t dry out!
– Kim in Albuquerque”



Hi Kim! You have happy houseplants! Thanks for sharing your photos!

Cass McMain, also from right here in Albuquerque, sent in photos:




Beautiful Cass! You obviously have quite the green thumb, and a kindred spirit!

Thanks so much, ladies, for sending in photos of what’s blooming in your house. Thanks to Ginny for the idea – I love it!

I believe the more blooms, the better!

I’ll be back tomorrow, hope to see you here.