The planting is by far my favorite part of gardening. All those weeks of planning what you want to grow, the hours spent at nurseries choosing the right plants…they all come down to the point when you’re ready.

Hopefully ready, that is.

We had a frost warning just three days ago. And the blustery winds are ever-present in Albuquerque this time of year.

Most folks say to wait until Mother’s Day to plant. That would be prudent, sure.

But I couldn’t wait any longer.

My new containers were painted and filled with soil – it was go time.

I started the weekend planting the perennial flower bed, because they should be strong enough to handle a near-freeze scare.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, My backdoor container garden

Bougainvillea (in the back, was already planted), Agastache (Coronado Red Hyssop), Penstemons (one Firecracker from Ginny and another, the blue one, was labeled ‘Riding Hood Hot Pink’), Osteospermum (technically an annual but it reseeds like crazy).

Some of the plants were from Milton at McLain Greenhouses in Estancia, NM. Others came from Kathi at Rio Valley Greenhouses. Some others came from Rick at Jericho, at their new location where High Country Gardens used to be, on Pan American just north of I-25 and Osuna.

I’ve been to Jericho a couple of times in the last few days. One day, they were giving away giant Zinnias for free. (It’s on the far left of the container.) They were a little beat up but I’m not going to turn down a free Zinnia.

Another time, I went looking for a plant called Zauschneria arizonica, or California Fuchsia. David from the Desert’s Edge blog pointed the plant out to me a few falls ago at the Botanical Garden – bright, bright orange flowers. I wanted one! Or four! Milton grew a trailing version, but I wanted the tall version, which Rick carried. Sweet! (It’s in the back of the container next to the Bougainvillea, the tall version may be called Epilobium but I’m not sure.)

The last time I was at the nursery, I impulse bought the Lobularia hybrid and the Gazanias, which always make me think of mr_s, as Gazanias are the celebratory flower of his blog, Plants Are the Strangest People. I wanted more yellow in my container, and they are cheerful flowers.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, My backdoor container garden

I threw in a few succulents for fun, and called it a day on this bed.

I can’t wait until August when they’re all crowded in there and spilling out!

My idea of dreamy is a stuffed flower box, full of color and texture. I think containers look better when they are crowded (there’s a line, of course).

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, My backdoor container garden

Two of the planters are the vegetable planters. Three kinds of tomatoes, three types of peppers (I got my tomato and pepper plants from Kathi at Rio Valley), onions, carrots, chayote (fingers crossed!), garlic, radishes and beets, as well as basil, chives and parsley.

The garlic, onions, marigolds and geranium were scattered throughout both beds to hopefully scare away pests.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, and here in the city, we flirted with the rain all day.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, My backdoor container garden

I found it the perfect day to plant the veggies.

To take chances on the tomato plants.

To grow as much as I can in the space I have.

Hopefully not cross the line into overgrowing.

To believe we’re done with freeze warnings.

To absorb the divine scent of a nearby Spanish Broom.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, My backdoor container garden

It never did rain, but I’m still PFR.