Since 2001, I’ve owned a small plant care business in Albuquerque called Good To Grow. Since 2009, I’ve maintained this indoor and outdoor gardening blog.

Each Wednesday, I’ve been posting emails from readers who had questions about their houseplants. Most of the letters came from people who are not regular readers, but who stumbled across this blog because they had a specific houseplant question. When I could, I wrote them back with advice tailored to their specific question. I saved all these emails in a file.

Since my regular readers are so sophisticated with their houseplant knowledge, and because everyone has their own take on caring for plants, I wanted to turn the emails over to them and see what their advice would’ve been had the email come to them. On Wednesdays, I’ll post the original question, and on Thursdays, I’ll reveal the advice from the regulars, as well as my response, so we can see how we match up. It’s been an interesting experiment so far, I hope you enjoy. If you have advice, please leave it in the comment section or on my facebook wall.

Ok, here’s a good one. One of the employees at channel 4 asked me a few years ago about a big plant she had in her home. She sent me a photo and this email:

>>>>“Hi Liza!  Here’s that picture finally.  If you could look at it & let me know how to cut it back without killing it, I sure would appreciate it!”>>>>

wild plant

It’s outgrowing its space!

What would your advice be? What’s the best way to prune one of these monsters?

I’ll post your suggestions tomorrow, along with my actual response to her. Hope to see you back here.