I like the idea of showcasing beautiful outdoor living areas, but the reality is a different matter. Whether I’m searching on Pinterest or just googling “outdoor living,” the vast majority of images are from enormous houses with impossibly huge back yards. It was fun to daydream about them for a minute, but I keep hoping to find images of more down-to-earth backyards. Outdoor spaces for everyday people. They are not that easy to find!

Of course, the fancy yards are great. I personally love the infinity pools and gigantic outdoor kitchens. But after seeing thousands of images, I find that I can’t relate to very many of those yards. Which makes me think you probably have trouble relating, as well. I mean, how many of us are really going to have an outdoor dining area that seats 30 people? How many of us have a pool and a pond and a perfectly manicured lawn? My guess is not many. Or, at least not many of my readers!! I don’t believe I have attracted the super wealthy crowd on my humble little blog here. (If you’re super wealthy and you are reading this blog, please, feel free to contact me about donating to my newly created “dream life” fund – it’s a great investment! Uh, a great investment for me, that is!)


If you have a beautiful garden, or outdoor living space, or know of one, and you’d like to share it with my readers, please send me photos! I’d rather use examples from real people.

In the meantime, I’ll keep looking for more low-key examples out there on the web. Like this charming space:


Very simple, very sweet, and (hopefully) inspirational to anyone looking to makeover a backyard space on a budget.

What do you think? Would you rather see photos of the fancy backyards, or the realistic ones, or some combination of both?