Since 2001, I’ve owned a small plant care business in Albuquerque called Good To Grow. Since 2009, I’ve maintained this indoor and outdoor gardening blog.

Each Wednesday, I’ve been posting emails from readers who had questions about their houseplants. Most of the letters came from people who are not regular readers, but who stumbled across this blog because they had a specific houseplant question. When I could, I wrote them back with advice tailored to their specific question. I saved all these emails in a file.

Since my regular readers are so sophisticated with their houseplant knowledge, and because everyone has their own take on caring for plants, I wanted to turn the emails over to them and see what their advice would’ve been had the email come to them. On Wednesdays, I’ll post the original question, and on the following Wednesday, I’ll reveal the advice from the regulars, as well as my response, so we can see how we match up. It’s been an interesting experiment so far, I hope you enjoy. If you have advice, please leave it in the comment section or on my facebook wall.

Ok, this should be fun. It’s a little different from our regular houseplant Q & A. Sometime last year, a student emailed me and asked if she could ask some houseplant questions for a school project. I thought it would be fun to pose the questions to you and see what you had to say.

(I omitted some of the questions that were specific to my plant business.)

I’ll post your answers next Wednesday, so you have a little more time to think about them. You are welcome to answer all of them, or just some of them.

Here are your questions:

>>>>1) Why do you think people should have houseplants? Are they beneficial?

2) What type of plants would be considered a sturdy plant and could handle a short amount of neglect (not watering often or not placed in the correct amount of sun)?

3) Can plants live with simply artificial light?

4) Do all succulents have the same kind of care? If so, what is the kind of care?

5) For beginners or those with “black thumbs”, would you recommend a certain houseplant?

6) What do you think about tillandsias (air plants)?

7) Do you have anything else to add–advise or information?>>>>

What do you think? Feel like sharing your thoughts on houseplants?