Now it’s time for photos from my readers’ gardens, a couple of readers who don’t have blogs of their own.

We’ll start with Nancy Mumpton’s garden in Phoenix. Here’s what she had to say:

A few intrepid survivors of 100+ degrees for days: 
1. Lantana ‘Dallas Red’
2. Chocolate Flower
3. Datura
4. Ruellia





Beautiful, Nancy! Thank you for reminding us that there are plants that can survive the brutal heat of Arizona! The desert is not void of color and vibrancy. I love it!

Up next are photos from Ginny Burton’s (of Burton Optician in DC) garden. Here’s what she had to say:

I don’t have anything blooming inside, but these are new since NBBD two months ago.
Zinnias, the best I’ve ever had.  I lost their tag, so I don’t know the variety, but there has been zero powdery mildew. 


Spider lily’s last flower


 Oriental lily Aubade


Oriental lily Starfighter

Happy gardening!

Ginny Burton

Hmmm…not sure why the font changed, and it’s not letting me fix it, so sorry about that. Regardless, those are some gorgeous flowers, Ginny! Thank you for sharing.

Flowers from opposite ends of the country – how lucky are we to get to see a glimpse into these gardens? I’m thinking pretty lucky. Thank you to both of you ladies for sharing your photos.

If you love to garden but don’t have a blog, consider sending me flower photos next month and I will post them the day after the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to share photos of Albuquerque public art – just photos I’ve taken of stuff around town, mostly murals. I’ll be out of town myself, for some much-needed r-n-r, so the photos will be on an automated publishing schedule. I work hard to lure you to come back day after day, so instead of abandoning the blog while I’m gone, I thought the photos would be a nice way to “communicate” in my absence. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the art. I’ll also have the winners of the plant puzzler on Friday, so be sure to cast your vote if you haven’t already done so. I’ll catch you on the flipside!