I know, I know…it’s really Thursday. I’ve been having glitches with my photo files, sorry about that. I wanted to show you what I’d been working on lately (it’s that time of year again!):

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, The Plant Lady Chronicles

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, The Plant Lady Chronicles

Those are Hyacinth bulbs in various containers I got from a thrift store. My regular readers know I do this every year – persuade bulbs to flower in time for the holidays – because who doesn’t love fresh flowers indoors in December? Plus, Hyacinths smell wonderful.

If you’re interested in giving natural gifts for the holidays, consider bulbs because they are so easy to maintain. All you need is a waterproof container, some stones, the bulbs, and water. A little sunshine wouldn’t hurt either, but in my experience they will grow under pretty much any lighting conditions you give them, so long as you keep the water filled to the base of the bulb.

Since I’m a day behind in posting, I’ll double up later today and bring you a good ol’ fashioned Plants 101 post. That’ll get me back on a Thursday track. I hope to see you back here.


Good To Grow is an Albuquerque-based interior and exterior landscaping service. We use plants and flowers to decorate offices, homes and patios around the city. We also offer memorial garden services, meaning that when a loved one passes, we can plant a customized garden in his or her honor. If the person who passed was an avid cook, we can plant an herb garden to honor that person’s memory. If a Veteran dies, we can plant a red, white, and blue perennial garden. If you lost a beloved pet, we can plant a garden around the burial site.

If you’d like to know more about the landscaping or memorial garden services offered, please send an email to lizatheplantlady at gmail dot com. Thank you for your consideration.