Guess how many bulbs we planted in this planter?

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, guess the number of bulbs

Haha, I’ll give you a hint – it’s a lot! It’s amazing how many you can cram in a small space when you plant them at different depths. (You plant the bulbs that will produce the tallest flowers the deepest, 6-8″, they will also bloom the latest. The bulbs that bloom earliest in the spring – like March and April – are planted much higher, about 4 inches deep. And then you’ve got the in between bulbs, too.) I’ll thin them later, but for now I figured, what the heck – let’s go for a showy spring.

I’m not sure when I will reveal the answer…I suppose it should be in the spring when we can see proof of what’s coming up. Then we can compare that to the photos I took while planting them. I dunno. I never claimed that this was a well thought out guessing game or anything.

I can tell you that whoever guesses the closest without going over will win boatloads of imaginary prizes. Hopefully that’s all the incentive anyone needs to venture a guess. Leave one in the comments section and I will keep track of them until it’s time to reveal the answer.