I’m so in love with this Osmanthus fragrans houseplant, I’d marry her if I could! Ginny, she just keeps blooming??? Swoon!

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I’ve got her sitting on my desk in my office, so the fragrance wafts over me from time to time, and it’s delicious. Another winter blooming houseplant. Such a treat!

Ginny, since I have your attention, I’ve been meaning to tell you the difference between the bloom scents on the Lemon versus Lime tree (that you’d asked me earlier). The Lime aroma is much, much stronger – I could smell them throughout the foyer. But the Lemon tree blossoms I have to get right in there next to them before I can smell them. They have very similar scents, but widely differing degrees of those scents. They are in different rooms right now because the Lime tree got mealy bugs and is currently quarantined. But she’s blooming like crazy and producing limes at the same time. So I guess I’m more bothered by the bugs than she is.

Anyway, thank you again for sending the Osmanthus to me – she’s super sweet!