Hello everyone! I had high hopes of blogging about plants today, but life is getting in the way a bit. Yesterday I responded to a Red Cross call for assistance (no one was hurt, thank goodness), and today I’m about to answer another. This is an active time of year for home fires, because of space heaters, fireplaces and kitchen accidents. (In Albuquerque, our Red Cross chapter responds to natural disasters, just like the rest of the Red Cross chapters, but here the most common ones are home fires.)

So instead of plant talk, I wanted to ask everyone to stay safe out there. Don’t leave your stove unattended. Never leave your space heater on while you’re not home (or buy a brand new one that turns itself off automatically). And be careful that sparks from your fireplace don’t start fires outside your fireplace. A little bit of safety sense can save your home from disaster. Even if you do your part, you could still experience a disaster, so be sure to talk to your family and have a plan on how to get out of the house in the case of an emergency. This is especially important for those living in mobile homes, because they burn very quickly – an entire trailer can burn to the ground in under 15 minutes. Having a plan can be the difference between life and death.

No one wants their holiday ruined by a fire…so again, please stay safe out there so it doesn’t happen to you.

I’ll get back to regular blogging when I can. Thank you for your patience!