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You’re so cute! From left to right, that’s Andy Williams, Tim Thackaberry, EZ Ed Johnson, Dottie Correll and Lewis Casey. If you’d like to know more about them, please click here.

To break it down into basic terms, we have Andy the Engineer, Tim the Tech Guy, Ed the Writer, Lewis the Safety Guy and Dottie’s retired but we consider her a National Treasure. Obviously, they are all much more than titles or jobs but for simplicity’s sake, I wanted to highlight their varied backgrounds before revealing this week’s question. I was curious to see how their answers would stack up against each other given the diversity. Here’s the question:

Q. What do you think will be one humanitarian issue (not political issue) that future generations will look back and scratch their head about, as in, what were they (we) thinking?

Expert Andy Williams, you’re up first as usual:

A. I’m not quite sure how to approach this question.  But I can look back after visiting Rome’s Colosseum (look it up, I spelled it correctly) a few years ago and think “what were they thinking?” as it came to entertaining themselves by turning wild beasts loose onto their prisoners and others to fight to the death.  At that time, it must have seemed like the thing to do for royalty to watch such things.  I would’ve like to have lived in that era and went to an event in that place just to see what else went on.  I’m not much of a movie buff so I haven’t seen a movie on this subject either but bet they depict some surprising recreations of what really went on.  I tell you all, when you step in that place you realize that virtually every sporting arena in the US is patterned after Rome’s Colosseum.

Although I would classify that as “Inhumanitarianism”, who am I to say.  It was a different time and a different era.  Laws, ethics and acceptable behaviors change with time.

But one thing that sticks in my craw these days is this idea of parole for perpetrators of violent crimes.  I’ve always kind of figured that if a person did it once, they have the capability and higher probability to do it again.  Of course, we all have the “capability” to some barely recognizable percentage, but I think those convicted have an exponentially higher probability to repeat their crimes than the rest of us.  So why let them out for performing well and keeping themselves out of trouble in a “controlled” environment; and I use that term loosely.  What makes us think that we can rehab criminals by putting them in a non-realistic environment and turn them back loose when their time is up?  How does that pass the common sense test exactly?  Anyway, it has always perplexed me.Perhaps not a “humanitarian” issue of greatest importance, but it is what I have on my mind today.

Otherwise, let’s feed people with leftover food that goes to rot around the world.  That seems like common sense.

A. Gay rights is arguably a humanitarian issue, if so, that’s definitely one. But I think it will be the mass starvation/genocide that we allow now that will make future generations wonder what the hell was wrong with us.

A. I suppose they will wonder why we grappled so long with racism and sexism. I guess they will be curious as to why we did not tend to our planet a little better. But I think they will truly be baffled by how we could let so many of our people starve.

A. In Humanitarian needs it is difficult to separate the human need from the political influences.  Particularly, if they involve the government, which almost all do.  Winter quarter in my class at Yavapai College, we have been discussing all the elements, problems, etc. of Immigration.  Maybe  if you live in a State that isn’t located near a border you are not as cognizant of what a monumental humanitarian problem it has become.  The laws are antiquated— not currently meeting the needs of the people who have immigrated years ago, the illegal population, health concerns and on and on.  It was a rousing 8 weeks as we discussed the problems and sought some solutions — (the first consideration of course would be to rid ourselves of a “Do nothing Congress”)

Following are some of the problems we addressed and suggested reforms:
A.  PROPOSAL:  They have lived here 2 years or more, no arrests, felonies or serious misdemeanors, have regular employment, housing, desire to remain in the USA and become  
      American citizens.  They shall proceed as follows:
1.  Register name, address, contact information:
2. Issue them “orange cards”, allowing them to remain in the USA, work, pay taxes, etc, for a period of 5 years.  Generally they will have the same rights and privileges as other legal residents.  If they stay “clean” for 5 years, they may then apply for a “Green Card” and are on the path to citizenship. (under the current Green Card procedures).
3.  Must learn Basic English.
B.  PERSONS who have been in the USA, LESS than 2 years, history of sporadic or no employment, or misdemeanor arrest but not a serious felony (Rather Gray area):
1.  Register
2.  Receive Probationary Status.  Receive a Yellow Card  for 2 years during which time they must stay employed or successfully complete job training and stay arrest free.
     If they are able to do so, they may be issued an “Orange Card” and go into category “A” as listed above.
3.  Must learn Basic English.
C.  FELONS, GANG MEMBERS, and Persons continually on welfare for 6 months or more with no regular employment or participation in job training —- Persons who take advantage of health and welfare systems of the USA.  (I personally feel this people should be deported– however others in the class offered the following):
1.  Allow them to have a “hearing” before an administrative board, at which time they can show cause why they should be permitted to remain in the USA.  If they able to do this
     To the satisfaction of the board, they will be placed on probation for a period to be determined by the Board.  If they fail this probationary period, they will be deported.
2.  If a doubt is created among the board members, they could receive a special probation where they must participate in job training or obtain employment and show a good faith attempt at becoming a contributing American.
A.  TEMPORARY WORKERS:  Those persons, for what ever legitimate reasons, want to come here to work for a given period of time and then return to their homeland:
1.  Issue 6 month “work visas”:  must have designated and documented employment, and temporary residence.
2.  Visa will be voided if arrested for any felony.
3.  Must leave USA when time expires.
4.  They may renew annually;  may apply for “probationary status” after 2 successful entries
5.  They must pay federal and state taxes as any other “American” must do.
1.  Must apply for VISA  in their home country.
2.  We (the USA) must streamline Federal Bureaucracy to process applications fairly and expeditiously.
3.  Eliminate “Quotas” based on nationality; replace with abilities, skills needed in USA.
C.  INVESTORS:   Same laws as exist now
III.  Establish a bob retraining program for USA Citizens, Permanent and Probationary Resident to enable them to obtain and retain employment
IV.  Redefine “Anchor Babies” to include as “Automatic Citizens” those children born in the USA whose parents have “LEGAL STATUS”.
The above answers address only the tip of the ICEBERG as it were.   I spoke with a nurse yesterday who observed that so many of the illegal immigrants have not had proper vaccinations or health care and come bringing severe disease with them.  There are so many issues involved in this complex problem that it is overwhelming at times to find answers and “Where do you start?”— BUT START WE MUST!
We also had the opportunity to hear interviews from a few of the immigrants and their journey to citizenship.  It was eye opening.  I have also had an opportunity as a volunteer Case Work Supervisor with the American Red Cross, to work with many immigrant groups and what they face as human beings trying to sustain a life for themselves and their families.  The
conditions and  problems they dealt with as migrant workers were appalling.  So there is so much to be learned and problems to be solved. There are so many issues involved in this complex problem that it is overwhelming at times to find the proper humane reforms.  “Where do We start?”  “BUT START WE MUST”

A. In the last week I spoke of a imaginary event that occurred in the distance past that may have given the impression that I concur actions that are inappropriate, reckless and hopelessly stupid.
In the sands of time we become gathers of knowledge, wisdom and practical experience, which helps us curtail our poor chooses and personal rash activities that are utterly careless of consequences. That hopeless moron of the past is gone never to be invited back, replaced by a enlightened and wiser fool

Upon a dream wishes are made that hope to bring light to darkness
Shadows cover the land and has for many a eon
Sol is only a dim glow above
The IM People ask “Why did they try to kill the Suno and poison the Earttha
Lunana a faint glimmers at full on a darkened there, stars forgotten, unseen beyond, hidden by the gray
The Great Dim came to be because no one believed it could be done so easily and so fast
The IM People ask ” Why did the long ago simpletons burn the air and wasted the earth and who was the god, Big Mac”
The Earrtha had once so legends told of sky’s blue, clear and a breath did not burn to breath
The IM People ask ” Why did they kill the sea, did they hate the water
The IM People ask ” Why did they make war upon the tall trees, the small grass, the field mouse, the mighty animals,
we know not how they graced the land but only find their sad dry bones and limbs
The IM People speak of area on Earttha the they can not walk for fear of the burn and glow but the fire has no flame,
yet the heat kills quick, and consumes or death is long and terrible for a unseen monster lie beneath
The IM People ask ” Did not the peples of Brit, Amer, Russ, Chin, Ja, Kor, Afr, SoA, Mex, all those peple upon the Earttha did they not know that you can not fowl your nest and have no consequences.
They did not see the sky darken and weep, the oceans boil and the creatures die, the land burn from the poisons gone astray, the chemicals sprayed, the creatures lost, the people fooled
Earttha heals when people do not run a muck, intent upon their own destruction because greed, ignorance and stupidity
The IM People wait for us in the future that must not be tainted, poisoned and left for ruin
WE must not waste our home, we live on a grand planet
WE must leave it better then when we walked it
We must do no less

Interesting! As I figured your answers would be. Dottie’s right, humanitarian issues are important and they are complex. I thought her class’s proposals were thoughtful and smart. And I thought the points each Expert raised were valid and concerning. Are they solvable? I sure hope so. Readers, what do you think?

Thank you Experts, for your insightful answers. I really enjoyed reading them.

(And Lewis, don’t worry about what anyone says – we all know you’re a character!)

That’ll do it for this week’s Panel of Experts. The Experts will be back for one more Friday before taking a much-deserved break. So they hope to see you back here.

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