Introducing Carl:

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Carl is a Stapelia gigantea, a succulent known for its large, foul-smelling flowers. Carl himself hails from Socorro, New Mexico, about an hour and a half south of Albuquerque. His ancestors come from South Africa. I bought him at a succulent sale.

Carl has several nicknames, including Carrion Plant, Toadflower, Stinkybutt, Rottenegg McGee, Stenchie Eddie, Stinkmasterflash, Reeker, Smellyface, The Yuckster, Barfie, Odorfyer, Sir FartsALot, Puker, StenchMeister, Gross-O-Matic, Plantapoo, HalitosisHead, The Stinkitary, Captain Crap, Pooper, Carl the Pukeuoso, The King of Gagging, Fartatoli, Rankadank Carl, Stinkerrible, The Prince of Puke, Rottenizer, Farter in Chief, Foulmasterflash, Smellatator, Commander Reeks, Stanky, Carl Bukowski, Satan’s Starflower, Asshat, Stinkpelia, Odoriferousplantiferous, The Jolly Green Gassy, Fartsanova, Poopenator, Stinky Malone, Thunder Farts, Carl the Crapper, Barfybutt, Greenerbeaner, Poop Dogg, Master Malodorist, Reeko, Shitometer, Lord Pukington, Fartsy, El Pooperia, Green Spotted Dumpling Butt, Stankeditrealgood, General Gross, Yuckmaster, Smellybelly, Craptober, Stinkidy, Feculent Succulent, Noxious Nelly, Rankster, Air Polluter, Nastypants, Carl the Revolting, Shitty Smitty, Funky Monkey, Stankitopia, Stinkfish, Barfarelli, Asssmasher, Farty Marty, Smellterer, Pooperplant, Green Grosser, Foulnasticator, Rotting Flesh Flora, Pukeyhead and Shorty.


Good To Grow is an Albuquerque-based interior and exterior landscaping service. We use plants and flowers to decorate offices, homes and patios around the city. We also offer memorial garden services, meaning that when a loved one passes, we can plant a customized garden in his or her honor. If the person who passed was an avid cook, we can plant an herb garden to honor that person’s memory. If a Veteran dies, we can plant a red, white, and blue perennial flower garden. If you lost a beloved pet, we can plant a garden around the burial site.

If you’d like to know more about the landscaping or memorial garden services offered, please send an email to lizatheplantlady at gmail dot com. Thank you for your consideration.