Now it’s time to showcase what’s blooming in the gardens of those who love flowers but don’t have their own blog, the April 2014 Garden Nonbloggers’ Bloom Day.

This month we were lucky enough to hear from Ginny Burton, of Burton Optician in DC.

Says Ginny:

This has been a horrible winter on the east coast, but here’s what’s blooming chez Burton:


I’m very pleased with the redbud. It was a volunteer that I nurtured for years. It looks pretty with the ancient weeping cherry (a natural weeper, not a graft) that’s doing its best to beautify our corner.


Happy to be outside!


Most of the dafs have bloomed out, but these must be a late variety.




A window box on our kitchen deck.


These are hiding the view of one of our compost bins and rain barrel.

Happy Spring to all!>>>>

Thanks so much, Ginny! Your flowers are gorgeous! I enjoyed seeing what’s blooming in your neck of the woods. We don’t see too many redbuds out here so I appreciated that.

That’ll do it for this month’s Garden Nonbloggers’ Bloom Day. I’ll be back tomorrow, hope to see you here.