This is Vicente, he’s new:

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Labelled a Huernia oculata, Vicente’s ancestors came from Africa. Vicente himself has only traveled twice in his lifetime. From the greenhouse to the succulent sale, and from the succulent sale to my house. He’s hanging out in an east-facing window while I decide what to do with him.

I like Huernias for their cool-looking flowers. But like most succulents, they also have laid-back personalities. (I say that as my last Huernia is still battling mealy bugs, but that’s my fault not his.) I don’t know much about this particular type of Huernia, only that I wanted him.

Since he’s been here, Vicente’s grown several flower buds. I’ll bring you breaking news when one of them opens. One of the buds is fat, so that could be soon.

In an effort to learn more about him, I asked Vicente to tell us a little about himself. This is what he said:

>>>>Hello, people of the Internet. My name is Vicente. Now anyway. A couple of weeks ago it was HO6-35A. I’m very happy to be here. I love my new friends and neighbors. A little about me – I grew up on a farm. I have dozens, maybe hundreds, of brothers and sisters and cousins and uncles. Um, let’s see. Oh, I love gospel music. And star gazing. Big, big fan of the sky. What else? I’d like to learn to how to roller skate one day. I know, that sounds crazy. A little Huernia out on roller skates. It’s ok – you can go ahead and laugh. I can’t help myself. The thought of being able to glide across a smooth floor with those marvelous wheels. Well, a little plant can hope, can’t he? Of course he can. That’s right. I may be rootbound, but I can still dream. And I’m not stopping with learning how to skate. One day, I’ll learn flamenco. I swear it.”>>>>

Aaaaaaand that’s right when I cut him off – I told him, “Vicente, dream big, little buddy. Except not right now because we gotta go.”


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