A few weeks ago, I needed to buy some high-quality potting soil for a plant installation I was about to do for one of my clients. I drove over to Jericho Nursery – the location on Pan American Freeway, just north of I-25 and Osuna – not realizing that they’d closed about 15 minutes before I arrived.

I walked up to the door, saw the hours, turned around and headed back to my car. Before I could reach it, I heard someone call out to me.

“Can I help you?” the voice asked.

I turned around and found one of the employees holding open the front door and calling to me. I smiled and shouted across the lot that it was no big deal, that I didn’t realize they were closed.

“What did you need?” she asked.

“Soil,” I answered.

“Get in here,” was her response.

I thought, how sweet is she? So I raced inside, and found the employees and the owner hanging out, closing up the shop. One employee got the soil for me and loaded it in the car. Another said she recognized me as a regular (thank you!). And the owner, Rick Hobson, as always, was just as nice as nice could be.

Rick may not remember me, but he and I have had a few plant conversations over the years. He’s super knowledgeable, and generous with his time. On that evening, he was also a perfect example of how to earn a customer’s loyalty. From now on, I’ll be using Jericho as my primary source for plant and garden items.

If you’re an Albuquerque plant lover, I recommend you shop at Jericho Nursery, too.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, my favorite plant nursery in Albuquerque

The plant industry in Albuquerque has been dismal for several years now. It’s been marked by poor selection, sky-high prices and bad customer service, as well as closings – we lost Corrales Road Greenhouse, we lost High Country Gardens and Santa Fe Greenhouses. Also, I’ve had a bitch of a time finding decent houseplants at reasonable prices in this town (one reason I started growing my own).

There are a couple of other nice nurseries in town. For example, Rio Valley Greenhouse is awesome, but they don’t sell houseplants. Also, Rehm’s is good but they have a much smaller selection. Plants of the Southwest has knowledgeable employees but no houseplants. Besides those three places and Jericho, I’m not willing to recommend any of the other nurseries in the city, including the two largest, due to consistently crappy customer service and ridiculous pricing.

So Jericho’s emergence as an industry leader is great.

They cleaned up their greenhouses and renovated their houseplant selection. They added a whole section for enthusiasts of miniature gardens, which I think is adorable. They have a great selection of bedding plants, flowers, trees, veggies and herbs. And while their prices aren’t exactly cheap, they are better than the competition. I don’t mind paying slightly higher prices knowing that they’re supporting local green jobs.

And it’s those jobs that make all the difference. The employees at Jericho are the best in town. They’re friendly, they’re helpful, and they’re plant lovers.

The example I led with about them letting me buy soil after hours is only one example of many. Every time I’m there, I get multiple employees asking if I need help with anything – in a good way (not in the harassing, won’t-leave-me-alone way).

It’s important to me to emphasize how good their customer service is. I’m very interested in supporting local businesses, but unfortunately, some of the nursery owners in town do not seem to care where I spend my money (this bad attitude isn’t limited to nurseries, of course). For that reason, they have lost me forever as a customer. Too bad, so sad. I’m not willing to keep spending money at a business where the employees ignore me or can’t answer my questions, or worse, act like I’m bothering them with my questions in the first place.

In all this time, I’ve never once encountered a Jericho employee with a bad attitude. Not once!

The last time I was at the Pan American location (their other location is at 2nd and Alameda), I took a few quick photos with my phone, to give you an idea of what the nursery is like. Here they are:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, my favorite plant nursery in Albuquerque

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, my favorite plant nursery in Albuquerque

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, my favorite plant nursery in Albuquerque

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, my favorite plant nursery in Albuquerque

The photos aren’t great, sorry about that, but hopefully they can give you the flavor of the place.

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, my favorite plant nursery in Albuquerque

So woohoo for Jericho for being awesome. Thank you! I appreciate that you’re here for us! Please keep up the great work!


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