Today’s post features pretty flower photos from some of my readers who love to garden but don’t have their own blogs – it’s time for the May 2014 Garden Nonbloggers’ Bloom Day. Yay for flowers!

Let’s see what you have blooming.

First up is Jennifer from Nevada with some indoor blooms:

Says Jennifer, “I’m so very proud of my orchids, and how happy they seem to be. I just had to share.

There are four of them, I’ve had them now for four years. And they just keep blooming their little hearts out for me and getting bigger and bigger. I live in a high altitude desert and I’ve had more than one person try to tell me that orchids just can’t survive here. Hah! They recently got repotted into these larger (and heavier!) ceramic and terra cotta pots. And it’s looking like it’ll take them a year, maybe two to outgrow THOSE. Monsters!

In one of the photos, I have the flower stem stretched out along my arm. You may not be able to tell really, but it does go 3/4 of the way to my shoulder, and each bloom is bigger than the palm of my hand.”






Wow! Those are super cool, Jennifer. You’ve got a natural green thumb when it comes to Orchids. You are in the minority – keep up the good work!

Up next, photos from the ever-awesome Ginny Burton, of Burton Optician in DC.

Says Ginny, “Finally winter seems to have disappeared and the warming sun has brought out the flowers.  The clump of small light yellow irises I call “NotBeverlySills” because what bloomed was clearly not the Beverly Sills that was described as “flamingo pink.”  Still, it’s a nice flower and bloomed well.


On the other side of the driveway is “Red at Night.”  My dear friend Rachel gave me some several years ago.  Then last year my yoga teacher, Karin, gave me a bunch of rhizomes that had never bloomed for her because her yard is so shady.  They turned out to be “Red at Night” also.


What’s up with these crazy dwarf irises?  The foliage is nearly a foot tall, but the flowers are right at the base.  Did I do something wrong, or is this how they’re supposed to grow?  I got the bulbs on sale at a hardware store, and part of the label was missing.


Here are my amaryllis, spider lily, and avocado tree trying to hide one of my rain barrels from the neighbors’ view.


Thanks again for hosting and I hope some of your nonblogging fans will post pictures of their gardens, too.

Happy Spring!

Thank you, Ginny! I love seeing pictures from your place – it’s always so green and lush, and you have such pretty flowers blooming. You do make me miss the East Coast, but in a good way. Nice work!

I have no idea why those dwarf Irises look like that, but I suspect that’s why they were on sale. Readers? Do you have any explanations for Ginny’s silly plants? Leave a comment for her, please.

Thanks again, Ginny.

Up next, we have photos from Nancy Popp Mumpton of Phoenix.

Says Nancy, “A few photos of some of my blooming cactus you can show when the time is right! There are so many blooming now it is hard to choose!

#1 Trichocereus (I don’t know what!)
#2 Trichocereus ‘Dutchman’s Gold’
#3 Trichocereus ‘Flying Saucer'”





Those are spectacular, Nancy! Holy moly! That Dutchman’s Gold has so many yellow blooms that you can’t even see the plant! That’s incredible. What a gorgeous show from the thorny crowd. Thank you for sharing them with us.

That does it for our photo gallery for May. We’ll do it again next month. If you have pretty flowers blooming at your house, but don’t have a blog, take photos and send them to me! I’ll post them after the next Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day.

I’ll be back tomorrow, hope to see you here.