Here’s a look at some of the new flowers blooming around Casa Liza…because flowers are awesome.

For our top story, we have this cute little pepper plant blossom!

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That flower is on the Filius Blue Pepper plant, now outside, living the good life, free from the kitchen windowsill.

Fortuitous placement, as I didn’t know the blooms would be purple (though I did believe that the foliage would look nice there).

In other news, I can report that the Hollyhocks are back! [Insert applause.] This one grows in no man’s land next to the trash cans, and she’s gotten no additional water from me. So bravo to her with her unbridled enthusiasm for life. Here she is:

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Handsome looking flowers!

And finally, we have news of an early bloomer, this Cosmos flower:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, flowers and flowering plants

This little guy has raced ahead to bloom, beating everyone else by a summer (typically they bloom in August). As of this reporting, the Cosmos flower refuses to comment, so we’re not sure what his motive was, or how he managed to pull off this stunt. We’ll keep trying to get an interview, and will report back to you.

We’ll have more news for you tomorrow, hope to see you back here.