The June Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day has passed, so today let’s look at what’s blooming in your garden.

We’ll start with Virginia Burton of Burton Optician in Washington DC. (She sent me photos before knowing whether or not I’d post for the GBBD.)

Says Ginny, “Today is officially “Bloomsday” so if you’re going to post your pictures of your flowers, it’s extra-appropriate today. But if you’re going to host the nonblogging version, I don’t have much to show besides the ever popular pelargoniums and petunias.  However, I do have a picture of something just short of miraculous.

You know what a wretched winter we had?   Well, at one point this pot with an Osmanthus that had survived two previous winters outside had six inches of solid ice in it.  It got snowed on, then rained on multiple times, then frozen solid.  The pot is so heavy I can barely move it in the best of circs, and it was frozen to the driveway, so I just left it and figured the plant was a goner.  But look!  Two shoots coming up from the base!  I am amazed and so happy that I didn’t kill it with neglect.


And here’s a pretty picture of the last of my amaryllis blooms.  We had a big storm coming and I knew the flowers would get bashed around, so I cut them and put them on the kitchen window sill. I love the way the late afternoon sun illuminates them.


Oooh – beautiful, Ginny! Good thinking bringing them indoors before the storm. Very nice.

Also great news about your Osmanthus! Resilient little bugger! My Osmanthus will never see the great outdoors. Not because I’m worried about snow and ice, but because I’m worried our summers would be way too hot for him. It’s not worth the risk, as I enjoy the plant a lot.

I didn’t really give you much notice to send me photos of your flowers, so that’s all we have for today. Thank you, Ginny, for sharing your lovely blooms. We’ll try another round in mid-July.

I’ll be back tomorrow, I hope to see you here.