Wasp Update:

I did not kill them all.


Several were buzzing angrily around this morning, still coming and going through that gap beneath my garden container (the hive was up in the bottom of the container). So I set about trying to kill them, too.

I didn’t have a perfect method for delivering rubbing alcohol to the hive. What I did have was paper plates of various sizes that I could shove part ways under the container and fill with alcohol.

That killed a lot of them.

The plates didn’t form a solid blockade, however, so the more clever wasps figured out how to squeeze in between the plates into the container.

Did I mention the wasps were pissed?

It’s not like they calmly flew to the side while I wedged plates where I wanted them. No, they were divebombing me the whole time. I did a lot of yelping and jumping around. For much of the process, I used the end of a broom to move plates around so the wasps would attack the handle and not my hands.

Twas not pleasant!

But, I didn’t get stung, so that was good.

Finally, after way too long, I got smart enough to move the plates of alcohol and simply “board up” the gap so no one could fly in or out of there. I used boards from my firewood stack.

Here’s what the scene looked like:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, trying to kill wasps

Not pretty! I don’t know if you can tell in the above photo, but there’s a pile of wasp carcasses on the dirt to the left of the big paper plate, from where the wind flipped it over earlier in the day.

As of sunset, there were several wasps still trying to get to the hive despite the lack of an entryway.

It was around that time that my landlady stopped by. We watched the wasps while I told her that I was curious to know who had eaten the dead carcasses earlier. She said she had seen my plates with the bodies on them, then later saw that the plates were cleared. Her theory was the alcohol didn’t kill the wasps, but merely knocked ’em out for awhile. She believed they got back up and were the same wasps who were really angry now.

It’s possible, but they had looked pretty dead to me.

Then, tonight when I got home, I caught the carcass-eaters in the act. It was the cockroaches!

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, icky cockroaches eating dead wasps

Ewwwwwww! So gross! They are going to town on that pile of dead wasps. I should’ve known!

The icky icky roaches!

I’m hoping the wasp saga will be over soon. They’ll get tired of trying to get back to the hive at some point, right? RIGHT? Haha, I sure hope so!

I’ll be back tomorrow. And Friday, with an all-new Ask the Experts Panel, before the Experts break for the Fourth of July holiday. I hope to see you back here.