Aaaand the wasp weirdness continues.

This morning, I went outside to check on the garden, and right away almost got hit in the face by a wasp who was flying and carrying a dead wasp body.

Wait. What?

A wasp carrying another wasp?

I walk over to the hive area to investigate further. I noticed that the cockroaches didn’t devour all the wasp bodies last night after all. There were still probably a dozen scattered about the ground.

And there was another living wasp on the ground struggling to pick up a dead body. He finally succeeded, and he, too, flew off, almost careening right into me.

Where were they taking the dead bodies? Back home for a proper funeral? To a rival wasp gang’s hive as a warning? To turn them into teeny tiny protein bars?

They flew west. That’s all I know.

I ran back inside and got my camera in time to (sorta) capture this guy (in the middle of the frame) also working to hoist a dead body into the air:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, waspiness saga

He did it too, then flew off after his cousins.

They don’t fly very well when they’re carrying dead bodies – they were zigging and zagging like drunk wasps – but they still flew fast.

Still no idea where they went.

For those keeping score at home, that means it’s both the living wasps and the cockroaches who have disposed of the dead wasp bodies so far.

It’s strange wasp behavior, right?

In other news, I had moved my new Huernia away from the east windowsill a few weeks back for two reasons. One, I thought it was a little too hot and sunny there for the little guy, and two, the more I can ignore the Huernias, the better they seem to do.

And ignore him I did. Until two days ago and when I noticed he looked like this now:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Huernia flower

Two new flowers. So that was cool.


I’ll be back with an all-new Ask the Experts Panel tomorrow. I’ve asked the Experts about goals they have. Dottie in particular is working on a great project – no rest for the busiest retired person I know. We all hope to see you back here.