Sooooo, I don’t have much in the way of houseplant news, because I haven’t done much with my plants lately, other than splash them with water here and there. I’ve been working a lot of hours out of town, so the plants have taken a back burner temporarily.

And I’m still battling the pesky wasps, who have turned out to be formidable foes. I didn’t want to bore you with yet another post about how clever (and PERSISTENT) the little boogers are.

So no plants, no wasps. What else am I going to post about? Well, last night I went to my regular spot to photograph this sunset looking west out of downtown Albuquerque:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, Albuquerque sunset

And looked to north and noticed this new plume of smoke from a brand new fire in the Jemez Mountains:

Good To Grow, Liza's photos, new wildfire in Jemez


When I took that photo last evening, the fire was about 200 acres. Today, it’s a square mile. It’s burning in a relatively remote area – no communities are threatened at the moment. But that could change quickly, as we know all too well in New Mexico.

I’m very weary of forest fires. Especially today, the one-year anniversary of the Yarnell Hill fire in Arizona that killed 19 firefighters.

It’s difficult not to associate all wildfires with tragedy. Even though no homes are threatened right now with our new fire, it still causes a sinking feeling in your gut when you see that plume. Because you know what could be, what may be. It’s a big price to pay to live or to play in the forest.